2007 November - December, 23rd.

Antonio was working for Radio Despertar in Viana, near Luanda (Angola).
By the way he was speaking with people, learning, trying to understand the past, the present & the potencials in the future, investigating new stories...

Read Antonios Angola Diary Part 1   PDF German language ---> Dec. 5th)

Read Antonios Angola Diary Part 2   PDF German language Dec. 6th+7th )

Read Antonios Angola Diary Part 3   PDF German language Dec. 8th+9th )

Read Antonios Angola Diary Part 4   PDF German language Dec. 10th )

Read Antonios Angola Diary Part 5   PDF German language Dec. 11th +12th)

Thursday, November 29th.

During an investigation - filming and documenting life in "Iraque" - a quarter of Luanda, Angola - Antonio and Alexandre Neto Solombe (editor and journalist at Radio Despertar) were violently arrested nov. 28th, at 10.30 am and released after 5 hours.

The Union of the Journalists in Portugal refers to the violations of freedom of information in Angola...

Read the article at www.jornalistas.online.pt     /    PDF

Thursday, November30th.

Amnisty International refers to the illegal arrest of the Journalists Antonio Cascais and Alexandre Neto Solombe.

Read the full article at www.amnestyusa.org  /    PDF

Portuguese version of the amnesty international note on the illegal arrest of the two journalists Antonio Cascais and Alexandre Neto Solombe.    PDF

French version at www.amnesty.org  / PDF

A collection of links, articles and press releases about this incident:
(Article in the portuguese online newspaper "Portugal Diário" about the arrest of Antonio Cascais and his angolan coleague.)
(URL Portuguese language )
"Acoriano Oriental" (PDF Portuguese language )
"Portugal Diario" (PDF Portuguese language )
" Sol 1 " (PDF Portuguese language )
" Sol 2 " (PDF Portuguese language )
"Maos Livres" (PDF Portuguese language )
"Multipress" (Voice of America, Angola) (PDF Portuguese language )
"Multipress" II (PDF Portuguese language )
"AFP" (PDF German language )
"LUSA" (PDF Portuguese language )
"Netscape.de/news-newsticker" (PDF German language)
"hotelluanda.blogspot.com" (Blog Portuguese language )
"www.cpj.org/cases07/africa_cases_07" (PDF English language)

Wednesday, December 5th.

"Visão" - a portuguese News Magazine writes a story the illegal arrests of Antonio Cascais and Alexandre Neto Solombe...  PDF

Contact in Angola:
Until Dec, 23rd. you can reach him by e-mail: info@antoniocascais.net
or on his angolan mobile phone:                       ++244 92 7312608

September 2007:

António Cascais is working on a special report for german tv ARD on the role of
(catholic) religion in portuguese society.

Please click on the image above to watch the movie.

August 2007:

The Documentary "Koran im Kopf" ("Qur’an in my head") is broadcasted on
WDR-TV on monday, august, 6th, 22:45 (11:45 pm) and Phoenix-TV on monday, august, 27th, 01:30 pm & 06:00 pm.

If you missed watching the movie on TV - you can watch it

1. in four parts on youtube.com:

First Part
| Second Part | Third Part | Fourth Part

2. as a complete movie by downloading it from video.stage6.com

Download 1680636.divx
(200 MB-Videofile)
Please notice that it may take up to 30 seconds until the download starts)

If your Computer can´t play the DIVX-Format you can get a free player
by visiting http://www.videolan.org/ and following the downloadlink at the
topnavigation of the website.

Please report broken links to info@antoniocascais.net

Please click on the image above to watch a short excerpt. (2006)

For more information (in german Language) please click the following links :

WDR press release   // WDR press release (PDF)

article of the german news agency KNA on the film "Koran im Kopf / Qur'an in my head" ( Adobe-PDF / 1.8 Mb)

article in the german newspaper "Kölner Stadtanzeiger" on the film "Koran im Kopf" (Adobe-PDF)

article in the german online-newspaper "KSTA.de" on the film "Koran im Kopf" (Adobe-PDF)

Interview with Antonio Cascais about the documentary for german magazine "Publik Forum" (Adobe-PDF)

article in the german newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung " on the film "Koran im Kopf" (Adobe-PDF)

Interview with Antonio Cascais about the documentary for german Television WDR.de (Adobe-PDF)

article in the german online-newspaper "Welt-Online" on the film "Koran im Kopf" (Adobe-PDF)

press release of the protagonist of the film, Barino B., august, 7th,
2007 (german language / Adobe-PDF)
(If the link does not open in in your browser - please right-click the link and choose "save as" to save the PDF to your harddrive.)

Charge brought against Barino on 08.08.2007 (Adobe PDF)

(information found in the german blog "politicallyincorrect.de".
Antonio Cascais did not verify this information)

Reaction of Barino (13.10.2007): Read PDF

German radiostation "Deutschlandfunk" writes about the film "Koran im Kopf" (Adobe-PDF)

Article on Barino published by Antonio Cascais in the german online magazine "cultura21" // PDF

Interview with Antonio Cascais on Radio WDR2 (german language)

Interview with Antonio Cascais on Radio "Multikulti" (RBB)

Interview with Antonio Cascais on Radio WDR5

Radio Reportage (Deutschlandfunk) on the film "Koran im Kopf"

German TV station WDR interviews Barino B., the protagonist of the documentary "Qur'an in my head"

if the link is broken - you can read the full article here:
Converts in NRW-Germany : PDF

Please click the folowing link to watch a short excerpt of the film:
Converts in NRW-Germany: Flashmovie

February 2007:

Antonio Cascais reported for ARD TV (Europamagazin) and ARTE TV (arte culture) on the newest developments in the multicultural Lisbon music scene:

click here to watch a short excerpt

Antonio Cascais analyses a new documentary on the Lisbon Music scene
“Lusofonia, a (r)evolução”
Link: http://www.myspace.com/lusofoniaarevolucao )

February 2007:

Antonio Cascais reports for ARTE TV (arte info) on the referendum on abortion in Portugal

For more information please click the following links:

January 2007:

The Documentary about Lello Bookshop in Oporto, Portugal is broadcasted in
arte-tv, 16.01.2007, 6.30 p.m.
For more information about the film please follow this link:  www.fersehbuero.de

click here to watch clip 1    (1.2 MB RealMedia)
(introduction of the main character, Mr. Antero Braga, the owner of Lello's Bookshop)
click here to watch clip 2  (5.6 MB RealMedia)
(introduction of one of the famous clients, musician Pedro Abrunhosa)
click here to watch clip 3  (5.1 MB RealMedia)
(introduction of expert, journalist and historian, Mr. Germano Silva)

click here to read an article about this documentary, published in the portuguese
newspaper "Público" (portuguese)   (MS-Word-Document)

click here to read another article, published in the portuguese
newspaper "Jornal de Notícias" (portuguese)

click her to read the treatment (german) (MS-Word-Document)

April 2006

Documentary "Qur’an in my head"

production: WDR TV

45min, Germany 2006, author: Antonio Cascais,
director / camera: Marcel Kolvenbach

Click on the picture to watch a short excerption.

"No other movement or ideology today is so attractive for young people as Islam", caims 21year old Barino. Since 5 years he is visiting an Arab mosque in Cologne.
He was drawn to Islamic faith by the welcoming people and the search of spirituality he was lacking in his German environment. Since then he is studying closely the Qur’an sura by sura.

“Who ever changes just one verse, one word or letter of Qur’an automatically is no more Moslem.” Explains Khaled, a young German of Moroccan origin, during his sermon in the mosque, Barino is visiting.

Khaled represents a new generation of devoted Moslems in the western world who desire to live strictly the way Mohammed did.

The film deals with a young Islamic movement in the western world. Young people who believe in the Qur’an and – different to their father’s generation study it closely.

During his studies Barino discovers the call for “Holy war”, the call to fight against
and possibly kill the disbelievers, the Jews and Christians. He feels, that as a good Muslim he would have to follow these controversial verses of Qur’an too.

Khaled however points out, that the verses on fighting are only valid during times of war. “But we’re not in a war. Thank God!”

 October 2005:

documentary “ End of silence - six women against  the IRA”

WDR-tv 2005, 45 min.

"Das Ende des Schweigens - Sechs Frauen gegen die IRA"
A film by Antonio Cascais

 August 2005:

documentary “heimat report”

ARTE-tv  2005 , 45 min.

"Heimat-Report - Ayse und andere Deutsche"
A film by Antonio Cascais

 July 2005:

"How can life be improved?" a congress in Águeda, Portugal

Organized by Antonio Cascais

The congress had 108 participants, who came from many european countries to the little village of "Macieira de Alcoba" to discuss the ways of improving the modern citizen's quality of life.

 March 2005:

story on ucranian emigrants in Portugal;
Stern magazine-Hamburg 2005


Sergeij, a former teacher, works in Lisbon construction site.
Olga, 19, came to Portugal with a german visa.

Report by Antonio Cascais

September 2004 :

"Let's talk together - where is the future of this planet?"

A congress in Salema, Algarve, Portugal,
organized by Antonio Cascais

The dialogue between representatives of different generations, civilisations and political points of view is not easy.But the dialogue will go on.

Antonio Cascais is preparing the next intercultural and "inter-generational" congress in Portugal.
It will take place near the city of Águeda, northern Portugal, in july 2005.

September 2004 :

The documentary "this is my country" is still being discussed in many forums:
From september 2004 on, it will be shown by teachers to students in different
schools and universities in Germany for pedagogical reasons.

"This is my coutry"
WDR-tv Germany, 2002
(orginal title: "Dieses Land ist mein Land")
Duration: 45' min.
DEC 30, 2002, 23:30, WDR television

A documentary by Antonio Cascais & Marcel Kolvenbach

click here to watch clip

contact: info@antoniocascais.net